Benefits of Choosing Gefen® AV Over IP Solutions

Staff Writer | October 21, 2020
The world is continuously becoming more reliant on networking to deliver everything in AV installations from control to content. AV over IP is the next step in the revolution, integrating seamlessly into the IT world to provide solid, predictable AV performance that professionals require. Simply put, AV over IP is the transmission of audio, video and other signals over the internet (LAN or WAN networks). The Gefen® AV over IP product line is the most versatile AV and control signal distribution platform. In this piece, we’ll discuss why Gefen products should be at the top of your list when looking for the best AV over IP solutions.

What Separates Gefen Products from our Competitors?

There are three major benefits to investing in Gefen products over our competition:

  1. Quality – Our products have always maintained a high standard of quality, from the components that make up each product to the meticulous attention to detail provided in our software, firmware and support.
  2. Reliability – As a counterpart to quality, we strive to build products that will outlast the competition and proven in countless professional applications that demand years of reliable, daily use.
  3. Technology – Always on the forefront, we invest in signal management technology that matters to you, and we utilize a variety of methods to get these signals from point A to B. This includes category cable, IP networking, fiber optics and wireless.

Key Features and Benefits

AV over IP has the benefit of combining the most common and important aspects of signal management into a single product line of switching, splitting, extension, conversion and matrixing, which is exactly what we do. In addition to the quality, reliability and technology behind our products, Gefen products provide the following benefits and key features:

  • Easy installation, setup and configuration
  • Exceptional 4k Ultra HD quality
  • Add receivers and senders of any size to a system at any time
  • Easy integration with all third-party control systems including ELAN® Control Systems

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