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 AV over IP Enhancements Provides Expanded Capability and Efficiencies:

  • Independently route all signals with the ability to separately matrix video, audio, serial, IR and USB
  • Deeper integration with Gefen Syner-G™ software with more information synchronization

  • Independent routing updates to the EXT-CU-LAN AV over IP controller for complete system management
  • New advanced EDID management with custom EDID capability for precise source control


The Gefen AV over IP is the most versatile AV and control signal distribution platform that operates on a 1GB IP network. Supporting 4K Ultra HD with visually lossless compression technology and only 1-frame of latency, the Gefen AV over IP system delivers HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort™, and VGA up to 100m over a single CAT cable.

Ease of installation is a must, and with the Gefen Matrix Controller any AV over IP system can be installed in minutes without the need of any network qualifications. USB 2.0, IR, and RS-232 control signals are independently routable, making this the perfect solution for nearly any application 

Gefen video wall software

Control it All

  • IR/serial passthrough and IP bridging help manage all of your A/V devices, sources, and displays
  • The USB 2.0 ports can be used by keyboards, mice, storage drives, and interactive device control
  • Control every signal with independent routing of video, audio, USB, IR, and serial*

*feature is coming soon

Multi-purpose matrix controller for video wall

Making Setup and Installation Easy

  • The Gefen Matrix Controller helps you save time by completing setup in a few simple steps
  • You don’t need to be a network professional with Gefen Syner-G™ device discovery and setup
  • PoE powered units helps save valuable space in the rack
  • Seamlessly combine any sender and receiver with automatic AV format conversion

4K Scaling

Exceptional 4K Ultra HD Quality

  • HDMI and DisplayPort™ units support 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and HDR that is available on the latest devices
  • The built-in scaling ensures that every source will work with any display
  • Exceptional picture quality with virtually latency-free performance (1 frame)

Any Size

Any Size, Small or Large

  • Supports nearly an infinite number of sources and displays for any sized installation
  • Save time and money with the ability to add sources and displays at any time
  • Make it easy to mirror content on multiple displays or create video walls using the daisy-chain feature found on most receivers

Key Features and Benefits

  • The Gefen Matrix Controller – basic product installation and configuration takes just seconds without needing separate configuration software
  • No need for knowledge of networks or creating VLAN’s
  • HDMI and DisplayPort™ products supports full 4K UHD input, including HDR (@24fps) up to lengths of 100m
  • Exceptional image quality, virtually latency free (1 frame)
  • Receiver’s built-in video scaler allows each display to use its optimal resolution
  • Scales to incorporate virtually any number of transmitters and receivers
  • Easy integration with all 3rd party control systems including ELAN, Control 4, and Crestron (Savant, RTI, and URC using easy API)
  • Loop-out network port on most receivers enables daisy chaining to extend distances, mirror sources, or easy video wall creation
  • IR and TCP/UDP control – Matrix Controller
  • USB 2.0, IR, and RS-232 independent routing and pass-through
  • PoE from a compatible PoE network switch can power all components within the system
  • Designed to be configured with virtually any Layer 2 Gigabit network switch



4K Ultra HD AV over IP

4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 with USB 2.0 and Control Signals

USB 2.0 capability and separate audio inputs/outputs make this the perfect solution for HDMI workstation management, KVM applications, and interactive digital signage deployments.


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 and Control Signals

Designed for general applications, this A/V and control signal solution is ready to tackle any HDMI source and display in an installation. Create a simple AV matrix or build professional video walls with ease.


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

DVI with USB 2.0 and Control Signals

Add support in any AV over IP system for DVI sources and displays. The automatic A/V format conversion built into every unit makes integrating legacy DVI equipment with cutting edge HDMI and DisplayPort™ displays a plug-and-play experience.


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

VGA with USB 2.0 and Control Signals

Legacy VGA devices are still in use today, and with built-in scaling and A/V format conversion VGA devices can easily be connected without specialized equipment into any Gefen AV over IP system.


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

Audio-Only and Control Signals

Unique to the Gefen AV over IP family of products, this audio-only Sender and Receiver gives integrators the ability to add audio distribution to any project with ease. Both analog and digital inputs and outputs are provided, and the audio from any Gefen AV over IP A/V Sender can be extracted for amplification.


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

DisplayPort™ with USB 2.0 and Control Signals

DisplaytPort™ is being integrated in more professional workstations, laptops, and displays than ever before. These DisplayPort™ capable Senders and Receivers bring a new level of flexibility to any Gefen AV over IP system and will work seamlessly with all other products in the line-up


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

4K Ultra HD HDMI 2.0 & VGA with USB 2.0 and Control Signals

Supporting both HDMI and VGA inputs and outputs, these multi-format capable Senders and Receivers are the perfect all-around solution for any instalaltion where flexibility is needed to connect an analog or digital source/display, such as meeting and conference rooms.


4K Ultra HD AV over IP

AV over IP Matrix Controller

Making installation easy, the Gefen Matrix Controller is the centerpiece of any AV over IP system. Install an entire system in a matter of minutes and used the advanced WEB interface for management and routing of all your AV over IP gear. This controller easily integrates into a rack or can sit atop a table.

The natural choice for such a critically important application

"Gefen video distribution is guaranteed to deliver the flawless performance required for this big game."

– Bill Lipscomb, President, WBL Services