Solutions for Government and Education

Gefen creates seamless, dependable and scalable AV distribution systems for campuses and public facilities.

Integrated Classroom

Today’s classrooms are agile, using information from multiple sources simultaneously. Gefen provides critical AV infrastructure to support learning in public and private settings, allowing both educators and students to bring their own devices, share and review content anywhere on the system, and all without any learning curve.

The Gefen AV over IP product line and select UHD 600 MHz products are now compatible with the Barco Overture A/V monitoring and control software solution.

Courtroom and Council Halls

From legislative hearings to criminal trials, AV technology has become intrinsic in the efficient presentation of information, instruction, and evidence in a manner that can be quickly understood and recalled when necessary. Gefen has been trusted by Government and civil organizations around the world, providing dependable, scalable AV systems that are extensible and flexible enough to handle all types of legal proceedings.

Command and Control Centers

In control rooms, the success of operations depends upon full situational awareness and the ability to convert information into action. Visualization systems powered by Gefen in control room environments empower decision makers with visual access to dynamic information from multiple sources and enable rapid decision-making and response. Gefen enhances collaboration and knowledge-sharing while supporting security protocols in high-stress environments where being reliable and resilient is not optional.


Gefen Syner-G and auto-discovery tools made it easy to quickly set up the video side of things.”

— Iain Brew, Clinical AV & IT Coordinator