Gefen Syner-G Release Notes

Gefen Syner-G Release Notes

Gefen Syner-G v2.8.5
- Added support for the following products:
  - EXT-UHD600A-VWC-14 (Firmware update, EDID management)
  - EXT-UHD600A-MVSL-41 (Firmware update, EDID management)
  - EXT-4K600A-MF-51-HBTLS (Firmware update)
- Bug fixes
  - Fix for lockup with direct value inputs in options on EXT-4K300A-MF-41-HBTLS 
  - Fix for DVI/VGA slider control on EXT-4K300A-MF-41-HBTLS
  - Fix for EDID issues on EXT-4K300A-MF-41-HBTLS
  - Fix for firmware installation failure on EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC
  - Fix for lockup with direct value inputs in options on EXT-UHDV-HBTLS-TX
  - Fix for slider control on EXT-UHDV-HBTLS-TX

Gefen Syner-G v2.6.31
- Added support for EXT-UHDV-HBTLS-TX
- Added support for EXT-4K300A-MF-41-HBTLS
- Fixed minor issues with EXT-UHDV-WP-HBTLS-TX product integration

Gefen Syner-G v2.5.23
- Added support for EXT-UHDV-WP-HBTLS-TX

Gefen Syner-G v2.4.43
- Added firmware update support for GTB-UHD600-HBT & HBTL products 

Gefen Syner-G v2.4.38
- Fix for HDCP management of EXT-UHD600A-12-DS that had reversed HDCP version options
- Added support for Colorimetry data block in EDID editor for sink colorspace support

Gefen Syner-G v2.4.37
- Added support for EXT-UHD600A-12-DS (Custom EDID Upload, Output Scaling functions, Input HDCP support, Firmware update)

Gefen Syner-Gô v2.4.32
- Direct EDID management for the newly released EXT-UHD600A-44 and soon to be released EXT-UHD600A-88 matrix solutions.
- Fix for firmware downloading that was caused from an internal URL and Gefen website change
- Fix for Gefen 4K UHD 600 MHz splitters that was causing a crash when commands were sent in quick succession
- Fix for crash that can occur when long IP addresses are used in conjunction with the Discovery service
Gefen Syner-G v2.4.8
- Added EDID support for HDR and Dolby Vision
- Added support for new products: EXT-UHDV-KA-LANS-TX and EXT-UHDV-KA-LANS-RX
- Added indicators to inform the user of the current Discovery refresh operations
- Added threshold graph colors to more easily indicate current state for HDBaseT 2.0 products
- Added offline GUI viewing capabilities for HDBaseTÙ 2.0 products
- Added warning indicator for USB devices that have become unresponsive.
- Added various GUI performance enhancements for devices that connect via USB and RS-232
- Fixed sorting issues when using IP to sort devices in Discovery
- Fixed USB driver updating issues when performing firmware updates on GEF-DVIKVM-848DL-PB
- Fixed GUI display issues when using a monitor with a low resolution
- Fixed WEB address references for some products
- Fixed memory leak that may cause unnecessary resource consumption
- Fixed offline firmware updating when using a downloaded firmware file
- Fixed incorrect IP from appearing after changes have been made in Discovery
- Fixed SCDC and Scrambling for EDIDs that have a pixel clock over 300 MHz
- Fixed issues regarding configuration options for various products
Gefen Syner-G v2.3.12
- Added configuration and status support for EXT-UHD600-12, EXT-UHD600-14, EXT-UHD600-18
- Added support for firmware checking on GEF-UHD-89-HBT2, EXT-UHD-88, GTB-HD4K2K-848
- Added video input select support for EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC
- Added MAC firmware update for EXT-WHD-1080P series extenders
- Fixed issue with GUI lock-up when using devices connected via serial
- Fixed memory leak issue
Gefen Syner-G v2.2.15
- Added Link Monitoring for the HDBaseT 2.0 extenders: EXT-DVIKA-HBT2-R, EXT-DVIKA-HBT2-S, GTB-UHD-HBT2-R, GTB-UHD-HBT2-S, EXT-UHDA-HBT2-R, EXT-UHDA-HBT2-S)
- Added Import/Export settings to file for EXT-VGAA-HD-SC, EXT-VGA-DVI-SC, EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC
- Fixed bugs with EXT-HDVGA-SC where the EDID mode was not functioning properly
- Fixed GUI issues when using Win7 and Win8.1
- Fixed firmware update issues for EXT-VGAA-HD-SC, EXT-VGA-DVI-SC, and EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC where it could not be reflashed if units were stuck in bootloader mode
- Added a manual refresh button for discovery
Gefen Syner-G v2.1.7
- Added functionality for HDBaseT extenders for EDID management and firmware updating.
- Fixed a bug when reconnecting an Extender or Detective unit
- Added some fixes to the GUI when viewed in a smaller window
- Added three new resolutions which are supported by the EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC Scaler
- Made serial connections for detectives more stable
- Firmware versions for detectives show after firmware update and a reboot
- In the EDID editor, each 600MHz EDID has Scrambling added
Gefen Syner-G v2.0.5
- Overhauled GUI, quick access to Discover and Configure IP, Manage a Product, and the EDID Editor
- Automatic refresh of devices, refresh button is not needed for any tab
- Made device discovery service more stable, can now work with large systems without losing information
- Discovery service can now detect other requests, this means that Syner-G will not produce additional network traffic when
  multiple Syner-G clients or matrix controllers are on the network
- Fixed some bugs with the EDID editor, no longer loses established or standard timings, and doesn't lose serial number information
- Added additional tooltips to manage a product menus
- Selecting a unit on the discover tab will now automatically select that unit for manage
- Fixed some bugs with the Manage EDID page on a few units where the GUI may have incorrect options
- Added YCbCr 4:2:0 support to the EDID editor, and enhanced the automatic TMDS Clock feature
- Added a functionality for the discover tab to double click a device for quick Web GUI access to your browser
- Fixed an issue when sorting by IP Address
- Made viewing and saving connected displays' EDIDs more accessible
Gefen Syner-G v1.2.7
-Fixed a bug where EXT-DP-EDIDP caused the program to crash
-Supports Window 10 beta
Gefen Syner-G v1.2.6
-Fixed Windows 8.1 support
Gefen Syner-G v1.2
- Added a brand new firmware update tab. Automatically gets information for all firmware update files and
  can if devices are on the newest version. The tab has options to download and install firmware directly
  from Syner-G.
- Added firmware update functionality for detective devices (EXT-DP-EDIDP, EXT-HD-EDIDPN, EXT-HDBOOST-141)
- Added firmware update functionality and detection for Wireless HD Devices (EXT-WHD-1080P)
- Added firmware update functionality and detection for the EXT-DVIK-MV-41
- Added EDID management for the EXT-VGAA-HD-SC, EXT-HDVGA-3G-SC, and EXT-VGA-DVI-SC scalers
- Stability fixes for converter firmware update (EXT-HD-3G-C, EXT-3G-HD-C)
- Added Error messages for incorrect EDIDs
- Fixed a bug with USB detection
- Variable window size depending on for smaller computer resolutions on startup
- Fixed a bug with the EDID Booster (EXT-HDBOOST-141) drivers
Gefen Syner-G v1.0.20
- Fixed a bug with the EXT-CU-LAN discovery
- Fixed a bug with scaler configurations
- Adjusted timings to more accurately find changes in IP devices
- Fixed a bug which keeps converters on the device list after being disconnected
- Fixed a bug where the program launched on the incorrect default tabs
- Fixed a bug when downloading firmware with the Update tab.
- Support for firmware update and EDID management for Gefen converter products (EXT-HD-3G-C, EXT-3G-HD-C)
- Added more detailed messages in case of failure when updating converter products
- Fixed a bug that caused crashes when editing EDIDs
- Added a progress bar and more status messages while firmware updating Gefen converter products (EXT-HD-3G-C, EXT-3G-HD-C)