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AV over IP

Gefen AV Over IP

With support for 4K Ultra HD, Gefen AV over IP products enable scalable multi-source, multi-input video distribution systems with HDMI, DVI, or VGA. The video format can be automatically converted to the desired output type. The signal can be extended throughout the IP network, and can be accompanied by bi-directional IR, RS-232, and USB for KVM over IP applications. 

Access and Control Video Anywhere over the Network

Gefen makes it possible

Broadcast meetings, events and messages

Distribute and manage signage

Matrix Switching

Using a standard managed Ethernet switch, create a scalable and expandable custom KVM and video matrix, connecting up to 65,000 Sender and Receiver units.

This technology runs on a standard network infrastructure, enabling virtually limitless distribution and matrix switching combinations. Share and access an incredible amount of displays, workstations and USB 2.0 devices, all over an existing Local Area Network.

Extension over IP

Easily connect an HDMI, DVI or VGA source into a Sender. Then, connect this Sender to your Local Area Network switch.

Video and KVM can be shared anywhere over a LAN with just a receiver and display. Gain further routing capabilities with a Matrix Controller or download our Keyboard Controller software.

Video Walls

Video walls use multiple displays to generate impact. With Gefen AV over IP, any video-capable receiver can be connected to a display as part of a video wall application. Any combination of displays up to a 16x16 (16 rows & 16 columns) can be created for use in digital signage applications, from retail spaces to corporate lobbies.

The Gefen Matrix Controller empowers users to both generate and manage multiple video wall deployments. Bezel compensation, internal synchronization mechanisms, and scaling all work together to ensure that the source is reproduced perfectly on each display.

Secure Remote Access

Remotely access a computer over your existing cat5 network. Share video, audio, USB, RS-232, IR, and more.

Supports Multiple Video Formats

HDMI, DVI, and VGA can easily coexist on your network with resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD.

Learn More

Download the Creating a Video Matrix over IP whitepaper


AV Over IP Advantages

Distribute 4K Ultra High Definition video (select models).

Easily broadcast copy protected content such as from a Blu-ray player or set-top box.

*HDMI models only

Supports Deep Color for sharp, realistic picture quality.

High speed, powered USB enables easy sharing of devices across your network.

Have full control of displays.

Plus switchers, lighting control or any other RS-232 connected device.

Control power, input, channel, volume and more on sources and displays.


Gefen delivers a robust selection of Video over IP products

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Extend and Distribute 4K HDMI, VGA, USB, RS-232, IR, and 2-way audio over a Local Area Network



Extend and Distribute DVI, USB, RS-232, IR, and 2-way audio over a Local Area Network


Extend and Distribute VGA, USB, RS-232, IR, and 2-way audio over a Local Area Network

Matrix Controller (EXT-CU-LAN)

Download New Firmware 2.5.8
The Gefen Matrix controller enables automatic detection and configuration for Gefen Video over IP and KVM over IP products. Pushbutton and web-based control allow full emulation of a standard AV matrix.

I always turn to Gefen.

When I need a creative HDMI solution, I always turn to Gefen for products I know will work and continue to work long after the installation is complete.

– Scott Craig, Integrator