HDTV Scaling 101

Scalers go above and beyond mere format conversion but what can you reasonably expect from your Gefen HDTV Scaler? In this simple Q&A format, Gefen highlights the key functionalities its scalers deliver.

What is a Scaler?

Today more and more people want to use their main digital, high definition display with a variety of video sources, such as computers, DVD players, set-top boxes, gaming consoles and more. At their most basic level, Gefen's scalers will accept any of these sources and properly convert them for pixel format compatibility with your main display.

Gefen supplies a variety of scalers that are add-on pieces of equipment enabling you to convert an input video signal from one format to a different resolution as a pixel format signal before delivering it to your display. Incoming video signals from different video sources (composite, component, HDMI) are converted to user selectable output resolutions supporting any type of display, projector and monitor in all high definition resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 1080p.

Why do you need a Gefen Scaler?

If you want to achieve full 1080p resolutions on your display, if you want to improve the quality of your picture, or if you want to connect a computer to your HDTV system, you need an external Scaler.

Typically when you buy a high definition television or display (the exception is high-end displays), it includes an internal scaler supporting a variety of analog and digital audio/video inputs, but it is limited in its ability to reproduce accurately a high definition image. For example, enacting the internal scaling features in many lower end HDTVs often results in video delays, and the built-in deinterlacer and noise reduction features can be sub-par.

Gefen’s Scalers can improve the quality of the image if your display has an inexpensive built-in scaler. They do this by outputting the video set to the native resolution of the display, bypassing the display’s internal scaler to assure the best quality video possible.
They also accept computer video resolutions input at 1920x1200 and deliver it as 1080i while resolutions input at 1280x1024 are delivered as 720p, offering you both decent desktop space and high definition imagery.

What won’t the Gefen Scalers do?

Gefen’s scalers are cost-effective solutions that allow different video formats to be integrated and output at true high definition 1080p resolutions. That doesn’t mean they will change the inherent properties of the video. Gefen’s Scalers are not high-end video processing scalers, but convenient tools that enable you to integrate, access and tweak your video with plug and play ease.

What other features come with a Gefen Scaler?

Gefen’s Scalers offer you the ability to connect four sources to one display using an IR remote control to switch between sources. In addition to source switching, Gefen's Scalers provide color correction, black level setting, brightness control, noise reduction, sharpness control and audio lip sync matching.

With the Gefen Scalers, sharper imagery, more stable pictures, synchronized audio options and convenient source switching are easily achieved.

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