Gefen Delivers Signal Extension Solutions to Create Effective 4K Workflows in Broadcast Environments

Three New Solutions Offer Variable Options for 4K Ultra HD Signal Extension

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen brings three new extenders for Ultra HD to NAB. One solution utilizes fiber optic cabling for long-distance extension applications, while two HDBaseT models offer support for multiple signals using a single CAT-5 cable.

“As broadcasters prepare to support and implement 4k Ultra HD content, they now have several options at their disposal when it comes to transmitting content around the studio or in mobile broadcast situations,” said Kevin Weiss, Gefen’s VP of Global Sales and Business Development. 

The new Extender for HDMI 4k Ultra HD over Fiber (EXT-HDRS2IR-4K2K-1FO) delivers resolutions up to 4k (3840x2160@30Hz) with RS-232 and bi-directional IR using one SC-terminated fiber optic cable. This long-range solution is effective up to 2000 meters in distance. RS-232 offers an easy method of system automation and control while bi-directional IR facilitates control from both local and extended locations. Surface-mountable enclosures provide maximum installation flexibility.

The Gefen ToolBox ELR (Extra Long Range) Extender for HDMI with POL (Power over Line) (GTB-UHD2IRS-ELRPPOL-BLK) provides a point-to-point transmission of 4k Ultra HD content with RS-232 and bi-directional IR. POL provides power to the receiver unit using the same single CAT-5 cable, and alleviates the need for an external power supply at the receiver side. Distances up to 150 meters, an increase of 50 meters over previous solutions, can be reached with this new extender, supporting resolutions up to 1080p full HD. Up to 100 meters can be reached using 4k Ultra HD content. All signals are delivered with near zero latency using one CAT-5 cable combined with Gefen’s ELR implementation of the HDBaseT technology. This solution is ideal for a high quality signal extension using in-conduit cabling. Users can easily upgrade their audio/video system without uprooting cabling. 

The Gefen ELR Extender for HDMI with Ethernet (EXT-UHD-CAT5-ELRPOL) delivers 1080p full HD with Ethernet, RS-232, POL and bi-directional IR up to an increased distance of 150 meters. Ultra HD content may be extended with Ethernet, RS-232, POL and bi-directional IR up to 100 meters. This solution includes POL technology to eliminate the need to power the receiver. Gefen’s ELR implementation of HDBaseT allows all signals to be transported over the same CAT-5 cable. Ethernet extension at 100 Mbps allows for PC connection at the remote location.

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