Gefenís New Fiber Optic Extender for DisplayPort Uses Two Fiber Cables for Secure Long-Distance Signal Transmissions

Gefen introduces its new fiber optic extension solution for DisplayPort systems at InfoComm China.The DisplayPort Extender over 2LC Fibers ensures high resolution content is delivered long distance with a perfect signal replication on the receiving end. Distances up to 300 meters can be achieved supporting video resolutions up to 1080p full HD or 2560x1600. Two LC terminated, multi-mode fiber optic cables connect small sender and receiver modules at local and remote locations. 

The use of fiber cabling provides built-in EMI (electromagnetic interference) protection, which can be a key factor in environments with radio, television or cellphone frequencies.Fiber cabling also provides galvanic isolation, making it a superior choice in medical applications. HDCP and DPCP compliance is included.

Installation is plug and play easy, requiring a simple connection between the sender unit and the source, and the receiver unit and the extended display. Sender and receiver are connected by the fiber optic cabling with content transmitted instantly.


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