Three New Modular Matrix Frames from Gefen Include Built-In Extension Capabilities Using Gefen ELR and Fiber Optic Technologies

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen has expanded its selection of modular matrix switchers to include 8x8, 16x16 and 32x32 enclosures. Each matrix frame can contain a mix of both DVI and DisplayPort input boards combined with DVI, ELR (Extra Long Range) and 1FO (Fiber Optic) output boards. Up to 32 inputs can be routed to any 32 outputs using DVI, HDBaseT or fiber optic outputs. Each modular matrix frame allows for a unique customization of inputs and output boards in groups of eight. The 8x DVI boards output directly to eight connected displays. The 8x ELR boards extend eight outputs up to 100 meters using one CAT-5 cable per display. Individual receivers utilize Gefen’s POL (Power Over Line) technology to eliminate the need for a power supply at the remote location. The 8x 1FO boards extend eight outputs up to 330 meters using one fiber optic cable per display for longer distances.

“Users can tailor their modular matrix frame by combining different input and output boards depending on the distance that their displays need to be extended,” explained Hagai Gefen, president, Gefen. “If you need 16 displays to be installed 100 meters from the matrix frame, and another 16 displays to be installed 300 meters away, you can install one 32x32 Modular Matrix frame and then customize your outputs using two 8x FOs and two 8x ELRs based on HDBaseT to meet the requirements of the system.”

High definition resolutions are supported up to 1920x1200 on all the modular matrix sizes. Each comes with a front-panel LCD for routing status and front panel switching. Users can control each matrix from the front-panel push buttons, the RS-232 interface, or using IP control. Hot-swappable, dual redundant power supplies are included for improved 24/7 durability. Like all GefenPro products, the matrixes come with 24/7 customer support and a two-year warranty.

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