Gefen Integrates HDMI Sources and Displays with New Matrix Switchers Offering Plug and Play Connectivity

Digital connectivity solutions provider introduces two new matrix switchers at ISE with a new option to more quickly and easily route video long distances.

Gefen ToolBox 8x8 Matrix for HDMI with FST
Any eight hi-def sources can be connected and viewed on any eight displays or projectors using HDMI with this wall mountable matrix switcher. Proprietary Gefen FST (Fast Switching Technology) guarantees an instant switch between sources for high performance systems. It comes equipped with eight HDMI inputs and eight HDMI outputs. An RS-232 port and IR remote allow for easy routing of sources and displays.

8x8 Matrix for HDMI ELR with POL
This evolutionary new matrix takes a departure from traditional 8x8 matrixes. It still routes any eight HDMI sources to any eight displays or projectors. However, it offers a different way to output video. Four displays can be connected locally and four displays can be extended remotely. Four HDMI outputs connect to hi-def displays or projectors locally. Four CAT-5 outputs offer an ELR (Extra Long Range) extension of HDMI and power up to 330-feet (100m). Gefen’s POL (Power Over Line) technology is based on Power over Ethernet standards. POL frees the receiver unit from requiring power at the remote location. Access is controlled by IR remote, front panel selection or through the RS-232 connection.

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