Gefen Introduces Three New Automation and Control Systems Using Wi-Fi-Enabled Tablets and Phones

Designed for versatility in a wide variety of settings, Gefen’s new automation systems offer a compelling method of controlling all audio/video devices in a system plus bonus features such as lighting and HVAC control.

Professional Automation Control System (PACS)
The PACS makes it simple to control HDTV displays, switchers, distribution amplifiers, scalers and more from a central interface with three RS-232, eight IR emitters and ten contact closures. It features a high-efficiency method of accessing A/V devices equipped with RS-232 or IR. Video distribution, power on/off and volume levels can be controlled using IP with a simple web interface. A/V systems can be accessed from anywhere using laptops or computers. IR commands can be stored by PACS to memorize pre-configured commands. This makes it easy to centralize and automate A/V devices.

Mini Professional Automation Control System (Mini PACS)
The Mini PACS offers the same features as the PACS in a scaled down, wall mountable version with one
RS-232, three IR emitters and two relay closures. It is ideal for systems where equipment is not necessarily centralized in a single rack. It is a smart choice for distributed systems that still require more cost-effective, anywhere/anytime access.

Gefen Audio/Video Automation System (GAVA)
GAVA works with PACS to control all key A/V features in a home with the added option to automate lighting, HVAC and more using a smart phone or tablet. While PACS can be programmed to store all IR and RS-232 commands for connected devices, GAVA will allow control through an interface that works with all smart phones and tablets. It is optimized for iPad, iPhone and Android as the control interfaces. When GAVA is combined with PACS, users can operate any connected device from any location through their smart phone or tablet. GAVA is also very easy to program, offering an intuitive configurator process that can be managed by anyone in minutes. Best of all, integrators can easily demonstrate and sell the GAVA system, because it is designed to be effortlessly plug and play. Its user-friendly interface allows a quick and simple system setup without extensive programming or training. Although designed to run on a network, it does not require Internet access for configuration or use.

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