Gefen Unveils New Digital Extension Solutions to Improve Audio/Video System Installations

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen premiers new extenders at ISE, designed to enhance performance and improve installations for small and large systems. The use of industry-standard
CAT-5/CAT-6 or fiber optic cables gives integrators a better selection to best meet their project needs.

Dual Link DVI Extender over CAT6
The ability to extend the ultra high resolutions of dual link DVI over CAT-6 cables makes this new Extender well suited for professionals. One dual link DVI display can be placed up to 60 meters from the source using this sender/receiver system. Two CAT-6 cables link sender and receiver, delivering resolutions up to 3840x2400 for vivid imagery at the receiving end.

2x Dual Link DVI Extender over CAT6
This model offers the ability to extend two dual link DVI displays up to 60 meters from the video source or computer using four CAT-6 cables. High resolutions up to 3840x2400 are supported.

DVI and RS232 Over a Single Fiber Optic Cable
This Extender delivers DVI at 1920x1200 resolutions up to 500 meters with RS-232 control using a multi-mode fiber optic cable. The RS-232 connection allows for on/off remote control of the display and source. The ability to send DVI with RS-232 over the same cable makes this ideal for extending displays long distances as well as using it in demanding work environments.

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