Gefenís Newest Splitter Supports High Resolution Video Systems using Dual Link DVI

Connectivity solutions provider Gefen today announced its new 1:4 Dual Link DVI Splitter, offering plug and play signal distribution to four locations for high performance broadcast, professional and high resolution video applications.

The 1:4 DVI DL Splitter is ideal for industry professionals or anyone who wants a mirrored output of high resolution video on four dual link DVI displays.  A simultaneous connection and delivery of video with no downtime or degradation makes the 1:4 DVI DL Splitter an effective addition to any high definition audio/video work station. All four identical dual link DVI outputs support dual link DVI resolutions up to 3840x2400 or single link DVI up to 1920x1200. This splitter can also be stacked with additional DVI DL Splitters to broaden the distribution.  

Advanced features include internal or pass-through EDID for improved connectivity and optional output masking control using the RS-232 port. When not in active use, this Splitter will automatically move into standby mode to reduce power consumption, making it a “green” energy design.

The rack mountable 1:4 DVI DL Splitter comes with a locking power supply to further improve the installation robustness and performance.

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