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CAT-6A+ Unshielded Cables -- Belden 10GX Type

A pivotal component of Gefen's premium single-cable Hi-Def audio/video extension solutions, these cables have superior transmission performance over ordinary CAT5/CAT6A cables allowing increased performance over distance. .

The Belden 10GX12 cable is the best Category 6A cable available. It exceeds the TIA/EIA Category 6A Standard and provides the end user with 625 MHz of guaranteed bandwidth.

The #23AWG GX Cable incorporates the use of patent-pending SpiralFleX™ technology, which improves the ANEXT coupling by increasing and randomizing the distance between a cable and the neighboring cables surrounding it. The unmatched Beyond 10G™ performance exceeds all parameters specified in the proposed Augmented Category 6 standard. All performance characteristics including ANEXT, NEXT, FEXT, Insertion Loss and Return Loss have been set to guarantee channel transmission performance up to 625 MHz.

A key component for extending high-bandwidth digital content over long distances, they have sturdy construction which ensures a persistent signal and a long life.

This item is special order. No returns. Exchanges only if defective.

CAB-CAT6AB-300 Has been discontinued.





CAB-CAT6AB-050 CAT-6A 50 foot cable Belden type $89.00
CAB-CAT6AB-075 CAT-6A 75 foot cable Belden type $129.00
CAB-CAT6AB-100 CAT-6A 100 foot cable Belden type $169.00
CAB-CAT6AB-125 CAT-6A 125 foot cable Belden type $209.00
CAB-CAT6AB-150 CAT-6A 150 foot cable Belden type $249.00
CAB-CAT6AB-200 CAT-6A 200 foot cable Belden type $339.00
CAB-CAT6AB-250 CAT-6A 250 foot cable Belden type $419.00

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