What's the Difference? (See a Diagram)

GefenTV 4x1 HD Switcher w/ Audio Decoding
This is the ultimate compact home theater pre-amp! Incorporates 3D compatible HDMI inputs and full audio decoding.
Selects Hi-Def Video and Extracts Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Audio from 4 HDMI Sources, 2 Digital Audio Sources, and 1 Analog Source

Gefen TV 1:8 Multi Format Video Distribution over Ethernet
A variety of video formats can be distributed over CAT5
VGA, component, composite and S-Video can be distributed over CAT5 cabling with this sender / receiver combo


Gefen TV 1:2 Digital Audio Splitter
1:2 Splitter for TOSlink Digital Audio
Split a TOSlink source to two outputs
Gefen TV Switcher
4x1 Switcher for HDMI 1.3
Switch Between Four HDMI Sources to one display
Gefen TV 2x1 Digital Audio Switcher
2x1 Switcher for TOSlink Digital Audio
Switch between two TOSlink sources




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