FST is a Gefen software implementation for HDMI v1.3 products, including all matrixes, switchers, splitters, distribution amplifiers, etc. It was created and implemented to improve an inherited lengthy HDMI authentication process based on HDMI and HDCP specifications.

Simply put, FST provides a quicker switch when selecting different audio/video sources. In addition to fast switching, it improves overall audio/video system behavior and performance when more than one HDTV display is used in the system. FST allows users to connect/disconnect and turn on/off HDTV displays without affecting other hi-def sources routed to other HDTV displays in the same system.

What products are currently available with Gefen FST?

Always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, Gefen supplies the infrastructure you need to build a next generation audio/video system capable of delivering 3DTV for stunning visuals. All of Gefenís products supporting HDMI v1.3 are fully 3DTV capable, delivering vibrant 1080p resolutions with 3DTV enabled. If you love the intensely vibrant world of 3DTV, Gefenís got you covered.

Our 3DTV-ready solutions include a mix of audio/video matrixes, switchers, splitters and extenders that are small in size, but big on performance. You can opt to enjoy 3DTV wherever you desire, or you can fall back on the traditional, still vibrant 2D 1080p full HD for an unbeatable high definition, high quality picture.

What are some of the Gefen products that currently have 3D Support?

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