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4K Ultra HD AV over IP

Gefen 4K UHD AV over IP

Virtually latency-free distribution of HDMI video at 4K UHD resolution over a 1GB Ethernet Switch

Our newest application-specific solutions are now available:

and RX (Receiver)

Extend and distribute DVI, USB, RS-232, IR, and 2-way audio over a Local Area Network. 


and RX (Receiver)

Extend and distribute VGA, USB, RS-232, IR, and 2-way audio over a Local Area Network.


NEW! - EXT-ADA-LAN-TX (Sender)
and RX (Receiver)

Extend and distribute Analog and Digital Audio, RS-232, and IR over a Local Area Network.



For AV, control, and USB – KVM and USB peripheral applications:

NEW! - EXT-UHDKA-LANS-TX (Sender) and RX (Receiver)

With KVM and virtual keyboard and mouse functionality, these two new products create solutions for digital signage, workstation extension and management where USB is required. The Sender features an additional local HDMI output, which is essential for local viewing/control in applications such as server management. This enables a display to be equipped locally for monitoring and control of a source, while allowing for remote control over the IP network.

For AV and control:

NEW! - EXT-UHD-LANS-TX (Sender) and RX (Receiver)

These new units are ideal for any vertical with needs limited to HDMI distribution and control (RS-232 and IR) such as bars and restaurants, education, hospitality, retail, signage and residential. They are streamlined in both capability and size for this purpose. When the need is to switch, split, extend, and matrix HDMI, these are an integrator's go-to products.


For analog and digital AV, control, and USB – KVM and USB peripheral applications where multiple devices may need to be connected:


The EXT-UHDV-KA-LANS-TX & RX offer a full range of connectivity options and are the go-to solution for specific applications with both analog (VGA) and digital (HDMI) source content. The HDMI and VGA inputs, combined with USB, audio, and control interfaces, ensures the highest level of flexibility to support any professional project, from simple video distribution to large scale KVM management installations. Connect one to one or build a massive matrix with support for virtually an unlimited number of senders and receivers.

Gefen Syner-G™ software makes configuration easy, while the Gefen Matrix Controller (EXT-CU-LAN) simplifies the setup and management of any size deployment.

Key benefits:

  • 4K Ultra HD capable, including HDR support  latency-free video  
  • Virtually unlimited scalability  
  • Videowall functionality  
  • Built-in video scaler can output the optimal resolution for each display 
  • Easy to set up and install using Gefen Syner-G™ 
  • No need for knowledge of networks or creating VLANs

Award worthy... and award winning!

The EXT-UHDV-KA-LANS-TX and EXT-UHDV-KA-LANS-RX won Digital Signage Magazine's 2017 “Best Content Routing Devices" DIGI Award.


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We connected them to Gefen KVM transmitters.

“We essentially took multiple gaming graphic PCs and connected them to Gefen KVM transmitters. They could be left alone to keep the transmission extremely neat.”

– Matthew Joyce, WED Group Services & Integration Manager